I'm the Part-GenX/Part-Millenial Child of Baby Boomer Parents

As my parents get closer to retirement, I’ve realized that they had plenty of ideas and dreams that they willingly put aside to pour all of their resources into me and three siblings. The beyond50 Project is inspired by my parents and encompasses my hope to help other Boomers get their ideas into the world.



Founder & Designer

My parents gave me opportunities and options to choose how I would share myself with the world. They empowered me to full use of my interests and talents, and allowed curiosity to guide me through my academic and career pursuits. Even after receiving my Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree and going on to get my Doctor of Jurisprudence (JD), I still needed a creative outlet. I taught myself the basics of good design and armed with Adobe Illustrator, started a stationery company. Over the years I’ve dabbled in event design, apparel design, and business consulting. I consider myself a close cousin to Johnny Appleseed: I love helping people bring something to life and then skipping on my way to plant more seeds that will hopefully thrive and bloom long after I’m gone.

Even though I’m not currently practicing law, and can not give you legal advice,  I can use the best parts of my legal brain along with my creative brain to help you build something that releases good into the world.

I Started the beyond50 Project For People Like My Parents

Activating an idea is easier now than it has ever been. Freelancing “gigs” are at an all time high and people are finding ways to earn extra income or transition into new careers based on the things they are good at and the things they love. Even as you think about retiring in the next 5-8 years, these same tools can help change your retirement years into a second act you may have only dreamed of. I use my knowledge, expertise, and passion for starting good things to align your ideas with the tools, resources, and real hands-on help you need to get them into the world.